Taylor Jenkins, Ja Morant call out Jordan Poole after Morant injury

There’s a brewing controversy for the third straight game in the series between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies, but at least this one doesn’t involve Memphis media.

In the fourth quarter, the Warriors decided to employ a blitz approach to guard Ja Morant. Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins both rushed and surrounded the Grizzlies star in an attempt to get a steal. The play ultimately resulted in a foul called against Wiggins, but it also resulted in an injury to Morant’s knee.

Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins scrutinized Poole’s defense on the play while speaking to reporters after the game. He said that the Warriors guard grabbed Morant’s knee and “yanked” it, and when asked if he thinks Poole did that on purpose, he said “I’m curious.” For what it’s worth, he said the team would discuss the play before deciding on whether they would suggest an NBA investigation.

Morant, meanwhile, briefly tweeted out “’broke the code’” along with a clip of the play. The quote in the tweet is in reference to comments coach Steve Kerr made about Dillon Brooks’ flagrant 2 foul against Gary Payton II, which fractured the Golden State guard’s elbow. However, Morant deleted the tweet shortly after he posted it.

It’s clear that Poole grabbed and pulled on Morant’s leg. It’s also clear what Morant thinks about the incident. What’s not clear was the intention behind the action, or if that exact motion injured Morant’s leg — you could easily argue that some initial, more incidental-looking knee-to-knee contact between Morant and Poole’s knees earlier in the play could’ve caused it.

When Poole was asked for his perspective about what happened, he said, “It was a basketball play. We doubled him, I hit the ball and I was going for the ball. Obviously I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. I’m not even that type of player. I respect everybody, so, hopefully he gets better.”

Poole added: “Hopefully we can see him out there next game. I don’t even play like that for real. That’s not my type of game.”

A reporter then brought up Morant’s now-deleted tweet to Poole and all he responded with was “we’ve got another game on Monday.”

This is the third controversy in as many games for this series. In Game 1, it was the flagrant overkill 2 foul called against Draymond Green. In Game 2, it was Brooks’ much less controversial flagrant 2 against Payton II. And now there’s this for Game 3.

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