New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay on getting just 2 snaps Sunday

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — New York Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay didn’t exactly like coach Brian Daboll’s decision to play him for just two snaps in Sunday’s 19-16 win over the Carolina Panthers. “Of course I don’t really agree with it. Or like it,” Golladay, who was talking to the media for the first time … Read more

Giants’ Kenny Golladay plays just two snaps in new rock bottom

Kenny Golladay isn’t going to find the end zone for the first time with the Giants from his new spot on the bench. In what has to be rock bottom for the once-prized $72 million free-agent signing, a healthy Golladay played just two snaps Sunday as the Giants beat the Panthers, 19-16, at MetLife Stadium. … Read more

Kenny Golladay’s frustration showing at Giants camp

It has come to this when chronicling every move Kenny Golladay makes: Maybe, just maybe, the fact that he showed some emotion after a play he did not make is a sign of progress. Frustration is better than flatline, right? Golladay, the Giants’ highly paid and lowly productive wide receiver, had in his hands a … Read more