John Fetterman back on PA Senate campaign trail to battle Dr. Oz

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman made an attempted return to the campaign trail with a rally in Erie, Pa., his first public appearance after suffering a debilitating stroke in May. “I just got so grateful, and I’m so lucky,” he said Friday night in a sometimes halting 11-minute speech to 1,400 supporters. Fetterman, the Democratic … Read more

Democrats suddenly realize open borders are a disaster

Republican border-state governors are sending busloads of illegal entrants — released in their states by the Department of Homeland Security — to DC and New York City, prompting recriminations and pleas for federal cash from the Democratic mayors of those erstwhile immigrant-friendly cities. Those mayors, seemingly unwittingly, are making the governors’ point — that the … Read more

Democrats declare needless emergencies to grab power

An emergency is a dangerous situation requiring action. Someone tell our elected officials — they clearly don’t know the meaning of the term. Last week, President Joe Biden considered declaring climate change an “emergency.” Pressured by his party’s leftist flank, which can’t enact climate-change legislation and wants a work-around where it doesn’t have to persuade … Read more

Sen. Bernie Sanders accuses Sen. Manchin of ‘intentionally sabotaging’ Biden’s agenda

​Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Sen. Joe Manchin of “intentionally sabotaging” President Biden’s agenda after the West Virginia Democrat pulled his support from legislation that included initiatives to battle climate change and raise taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals. “He has sabotaged the president’s agenda,” Sanders (I-Vt.) said Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week.” “If you … Read more

Jill Biden tells donors Joe’s presidency hamstrung by crises

First lady Jill Biden told donors her husband’s political agenda has been sidetracked by unexpected crises at home and overseas. Biden, 71, made the remarks during a private Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Nantucket, Mass., as President Joe Biden wrapped up his four-day trip to the Middle East, according to CNN. Her comments came after … Read more

Biden snaps at reporter, insists Dems want him for 2024 run

President Biden lashed out a reporter who asked what he would say to Democrats who don’t want him to run for a second term Tuesday — insisting that the party is behind him despite a recent survey showing nearly two-thirds of its voters want a different nominated in 2024. “They want me to run,” Biden​, … Read more

White House ‘listless and lost’ and other commentary

From the left: White House “Listless and Lost” “The hits just keep on coming for Joe Biden,” marvels CNN’s Chris Cillizza. Last week, the network reported that White House Communications Director Kat Bedingfield plans to leave, soon after Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s exit and “amid questions about the efficacy Psaki’s replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre.” All this … Read more

Red states recovered faster from COVID pandemic than blue states: report

Republican-run states such as Florida, Texas, Utah, and the Carolinas enjoyed a swifter economic recovery from the pandemic compared to Democratic-leaning states which saw residents and companies leave for lower-tax havens, according to a report. Federal data shows that red states have seen their share of total US jobs grow beginning in February 2020, a … Read more

Celebrities like Kardashian, Chastain, media blast America on Independence Day

As millions of Americans celebrated the nation’s 246th birthday Monday, major media outlets and prominent liberals used the holiday to denigrate the US. While contrarian put-downs of the land of the free are second nature to social media malcontents, even the likes of NPR and ESPN got in on the act this year — with … Read more

Gavin Newsom launches ads urging Floridians to leave

California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a Golden State ground attack in Florida on Monday, releasing an ad urging Sunshine State residents fed up with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to pack their flip-flops and head west. Newsom bought $105,000 worth of spots that began airing on Fox News in Florida, spurring chatter about a potential 2024 … Read more