Things have not turned out well for the San Francisco 49ers regarding quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade market. With the first wave of free agency in the books, most felt the veteran passer would be on another roster by now. That hasn’t happened. Garoppolo and his over $25 million salary remain on the 49ers’ payroll, and one NFL insider isn’t so sure that will change anytime soon.

Most quarterback-needy teams have brought in new starters. The few who remain are in no hurry to overpay for a high-priced Garoppolo, who is just two weeks removed from shoulder surgery.

There was a rumor from Pro Football Talk that general manager John Lynch was telling teams the 49ers have an offer of two second-round picks on the table, likely trying to drum up more interest in Garoppolo. Of course, if that were an actual offer, San Francisco probably would have counted their blessings and accepted. At this point, that feels like a significant overpay for a quarterback who can’t even throw until after much of the initial offseason work has come and gone.

That report from Pro Football Talk also surfaced before the whole Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts shocker.

“I have not heard that,” NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport said of the rumor on The Pat McAfee Show. “I mean, I think that’s the price they would do it at. I haven’t heard that, and I’m looking around like, ‘Who could that be?’ I mean, they’re not going to trade him to Seattle, I don’t think.

“Is anyone trading for Jimmy G right now, just off surgery? I’m still not so sure about that, so I imagine, if they had that offer, they would take it. Lynch isn’t a big bluster guy. He doesn’t ‘t lie. He’s a pretty regular dude. I have a hard time imagining he would say that unless he really had it.”

While Rapoport doubts the validity of the rumor, he feels that Garoppolo remaining with the 49ers in 2022 isn’t unthinkable.

“I’ll tell you this: The longer we go in this thing, and Jimmy G is still on the Niners, makes me think that they could keep him,” Rapoport continued. “I mean, he led them into the playoffs last year. I know it wasn’t perfect but would it be the craziest thing in the world to keep him and let Trey Lance learn for another year? I could think of worse outcomes for the 49ers.”

That’s probably not the sound bite 49ers fans were hoping for right now. They are anxious to see the page turned from the Garoppolo era to the Trey Lance era.

Rapoport added, “I just don’t see a spot for him (Garoppolo).”

H/t to TheSFNiners for the find.