Panthers reportedly aren’t interested in Baker Mayfield

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns

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The Carolina Panthers apparently won’t be cornering the market on top-three picks from the 2018 draft.

David Newton of reports that Carolina isn’t interested in Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, the first pick four years ago.

They already have quarterback Sam Darnold, the third pick in that same draft. Both players have guaranteed contracts of $18.8 million for 2022.

The Panthers are desperately seeking a quarterback franchise. Their lack of interest in Mayfield means they don’t believe he is one, or that he can become one.

Or maybe they’re just sick of kissing frogs in the hope that the franchise quarterbacks become. It’s an expensive — and so far fruitless — habit.

They’re having a hard time attracting an established franchise quarterback. And for good reason. Coach Matt Rhule enters 2023 on a hot seat, as evidenced by his inability to hire an offensive coordinator more accomplished or desirable than Ben McAdoo. Their best bet will be to draft a quarterback and hope he becomes a franchise quarterback, under either this regime or the inevitable next.

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