Officials Release New Footage of Corrections Officer Vicky White Who Fled With an Inmate, Casey White

Vicky White, the Alabama corrections officer who’s become the target of a massive manhunt after disappearing last week with an inmate charged with capital murder, has been spotted in new surveillance footage.

On Saturday, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office released video showing White at the front desk of a Quality Inn in Florence, Alabama. Officials said the video shows White on the morning she allegedly assisted the inmate, Casey White, in escaping from the Lauderdale County Jail.

Vicky and Casey White (no relation) left the Lauderdale County Detention Center at 9:30 am for the courthouse, but never arrived. They drove straight to the Florence Square shopping center, where they ditched the patrol car and left in the Ford. Vicky White’s patrol cruiser keys, police radio and handcuffs were left behind in her sheriff’s vehicle. The Florence Quality Inn is also close to the site where White dumped her getaway car, officials added.

Sheriff Rick Singleton said Vicky and Casey White had a “jailhouse romance” that included her making sure he had extra food on his trays and communicating with him while he was incarcerated in state prison.

On May 5, US Marshals released new photos of Casey White and Vicky White. The photos show Casey White with tattoos on his chest, arms and upper back, including some affiliated with the Alabama-based white supremacist prison gang Southern Brotherhood. Photos of Vicky showed what the blonde would look like with dyed or longer/shorter hair.

This week, White’s mother-in-law Frances White told The Daily Beast the corrections officer “may have been brainwashed.”

“I can’t imagine her running off with that guy, but you never know,” White added. “He walked into a woman’s house and stabbed her.”

The US Marshal Service announced via Twitter that it will be offering up to $10,000 for information regarding Casey White and up to $5,000 for information regarding Vicky White.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has also issued two rewards of $5,000 each for information leading to the apprehension and arrest of Vicky and Casey White.

“Both Casey White and Vicky White pose a major threat to the public, and they must be apprehended. I am pleased to offer this support as law enforcement works diligently to get these dangerous criminals behind bars,” Ivey said.


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