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I’ve done extensive predictions of every upcoming Major League Baseball season for at least the last twelve years, with standings and award winners and the like, and despite the fact that I always point out that these are for entertainment purposes only and I have no actual effect on the games or any individual players, people still get mad about them. Those same people won’t see me mocking them because none of them ever reads the intro anyway; they just hit Ctrl-F and look for how many wins I predicted their favorite team will get this year. Unless I start to throw a lot harder in the next 48 hours, though, nothing I do or say will make one iota of difference to the real-world standings, so just enjoy the predictions below for what they are.

American League

AL East

The Blue Jays have certainly done the most to improve their club this winter out of everyone in the division, although they also suffered the biggest loss to free agency (Cy Young winner Robbie Ray) and thus had the most urgency. They signed one of the best starters in the majors last year, Kevin Gausman, to replace Ray. They filled their third-base hole with Matt Chapman, while signing Chapman and José Berrios to contract extensions, and adding Yusei Kikuchi for the back of the rotation despite his terrible collapse in the second half.


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