Detroit Pistons fall in NBA Draft lottery, get No. 5 pick

The Detroit Pistons couldn’t get the lottery luck for a second year in a row.

Detroit fell two spots and landed the No. 5 selection in the 2022 draft during Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago.

It represents the second time in franchise history that the Pistons have fallen exactly two spots in the draft. Detroit fell to No. 7 in the 2020 draft and selected Killian Hayes.

The Orlando Magic won the right to select No. 1 for the fourth time in franchise history. The Oklahoma City will pick second, Houston Rockets third and the Sacramento Kings fourth.

The Pistons, Rockets and Magic all had an equal chance of winning the lottery at 14%, and a 52.14% chance of picking in the top four.

The lottery determined the top four picks in this year’s draft, with the remaining lottery teams selecting in positions 5-14 in inverse order of their 2021-22 record.

The Pistons finished with the third-worst record (23-59), behind Houston and Orlando, meaning they had the ability to pick as low as No. 7 if picks 1-4 were all won by teams outside of the top four.

Had the Pistons get the No. 1 pick again, they would have joined the Cleveland Cavaliers (2013 and ’14), Orlando Magic (1992 and ’93) and Houston Rockets (1983 and ’84) to earn back-to-back top picks.

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