April 5, 2022 Missouri election results

The results will be updated through the evening until all precincts have reported.

ST. LOUIS — Voters in Missouri hit the polls Tuesday to vote in municipal elections that included mayoral races, bonds, alderpersons, taxes and school boards.

ELECTION RESULTS: Tap here for all the results on contested races here

5 On Your Side is tracking the big races that had more than one candidate listed. See the list of the big breeds here.

Use tax results

Many municipalities voted on a use tax for local purchases from out-of-state online vendors. The tax would be the same as the local sales tax charged by local businesses.

A state-wide use tax goes into effect in 2023, but cities and counties have to ask voters to approve similar measures for their jurisdictions.

Proposition C in St. Louis County addresses the use tax with the “Yes” vote being in favor of a use tax. See more use tax results here.

City of St. Louis Prop R

City residents voted on an amendment to the City of St. Louis charter after the ward redistricting process at the end of 2021.

St. Louis County Prop A

The county asked voters if the salaries of the county executive’s staff should be listed in one place in the budget.

St. Louis County Prop B

This proposal concerns the county executive’s employment outside of government. A “Yes” vote meant the county executive should hold no other employment during their term in office.

St. Louis County Prop D

Proposition D asked voters if St. Louis County should lease the Jarville House complex in Queeny Park for a pre-primary and primary grade school.

FULL RESULTS: Tap here for the full list of races that 5 On Your Side is tracking during the April 5, 2022 election

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